Healing Hands Youth Ranch

Welcome to our home!

Our purpose is to use horses to help young people make better choices in their lives.

We welcome families to come to the ranch and interact with our horses, farm animals and country life. We hope this will provide valuable life lessons of faith and trust. We believe that horses and children are a special gift that should be cherished. We are honored to witness the amazing ways horses can teach us better communication skills, build confidence and help us overcome our fears. 

Our program is not about teaching children to become professional riders. It is about letting them share in the care of a horse, responsibility of  ranch chores and having fun. It's about helping children who have been hurt find that life can have purpose and hope. 

A horse's unconditional love looks past all of our shortcomings. Horses do not see abuse, divorce, loss, low self esteem, ugly, or beautiful. They feel a person's heart. Horses don't judge and will love you no matter who you are or where you come from. All they ask for in return is love and kindness.....but a carrot or a treat doesn't hurt either!

Jennifer talking about the ranch